What is marketing operations”?

Marketing operations describes anything that’s necessary for the marketing function in a business to operate smoothly and effectively. It can include people, technology, processes and other structures. The function of marketing operations is to give the marketing department everything they need to ensure business growth.

Marketing and Marketing operations

To understand the difference between marketing and marketing operations, it might be helpful to think in terms of people.

Marketing people

Creative, full of ideas, want to make things happen NOW, impact-orientated, software users.


Marketing Ops people

Detail-orientated, love a system and a process, highly organised, software experts.

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When might you need marketing operations help?

Take a look through the list below. Have you encountered any of these situations? Or heard any of your team say any of the quotes?

  • Our data is terrible. I can’t use it to target the people we need to speak to.”
  • Has it ever taken longer than expected to send out a campaign because of software, processes or both?
  • “I can see the results of our campaign, but I can’t get them into a report to see exactly what they mean.”
  • Do all of your systems speak to one another? Or do you have ‘islands of data’?
  • Do you think your growth has ever been slowed down by how quickly your marketing can operate?
  • “If the system worked properly I’d be able to improve things.”

These are all signs that marketing operations help could help your talented marketing team to grow your business, increase the effectiveness of your software and generate more ROI from your marketing investments.

We are the UK’s first dedicated HubSpot marketing operations agency.

We do marketing ops and only marketing ops.

We know your team is talented and that they can grow your business to the levels you need to reach. They just need the support structures, processes and technology in place to do so. That’s where we come in.

How we help

HubSpot Integrations

HubSpot is now a business platform. Integrating with your other key systems can help to deliver true ‘all in one’ marketing operations.

Learn more about HubSpot CRM integrations.

Ad-Hoc HubSpot Support

When you just need the occasional helping hand - a workflow sorting or report creating - we’re here to make things go smoothly.

View our personalised HubSpot support packages here.

HubSpot CMS Development

Making HubSpot your CMS can be key to making the rest of your marketing succeed. We’re expert HubSpot CMS developers.

Build a lead generating website using HubSpot CMS Hub.

HubSpot Rollouts and Projects

Need to finally sort your data, roll out HubSpot across departments or create hundreds of complicated workflows? We have you covered.

Read more about HubSpot rollouts and projects.

Claim a complimentary technology assessment

Companies are using more technology than ever before, and need help figuring out how to make it all work together.

Reserve your 30 minute phone or video call where we can assess your specific challenges.

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