What is “Marketing Operations”?

Marketing Operations describes anything that’s necessary for the marketing function in a business to operate smoothly and effectively. It can include people, technology, processes and other structures. The function of marketing operations is to give the marketing department everything they need to ensure business growth.

Marketing and Marketing Operations

To understand the difference between marketing and marketing operations, it might be helpful to think in terms of people...


Marketing People

Creative, left-field thinkers, full of ideas, want to make things happen NOW, impact-orientated, software users.

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Marketing Ops People

Detail-orientated, right-brain stataticians, love systems and processes, highly organised, software experts.

When might you need marketing operations help?

Take a look through the list below. Have you encountered any of these situations? 

  • Our data is a mess. I can’t use it to target the people we need to speak to.”
  • It took longer than expected to send out a campaign because of software, processes or both?
  • “I can see the results of our campaign, but I don’t understand what they mean.
  • Different departments are using different systems. We have ‘islands of data’?
  • Company growth has outpaced your marketing capabilities.
  • If the system worked properly I’d be able to improve things.”

Marketing Ops is designed to solve those operational challenges that hold your marketing back but aren't actually, doing marketing.

That's where we come in!

These are all signs that marketing operations could help could help your marketing team to sustain the growth of your business.

Marketing Ops Solves challenges

You probably have a 'to do' list of specific challenges that are holding your marketing back; ROI reports, templates for emails, tweaks to your website, your data and more. Marketing Ops support helps you to solve these challenges so your marketing can carry on helping you grow.

Marketing Ops Reduces friction

Marketing Ops helps to reduce friction in your organisation. With friction removed, you can grow at a faster speed, with fewer speed bumps in the way. The friction around your reporting for example is slowing you down: how can you make the correct decision without correct reports?

Marketing Ops Saves time

Don’t hire creative marketing people to do Marketing Ops jobs! With our support your team can get on with their job of solving for customers and growing your business.

We are the UK’s first dedicated HubSpot Marketing Operations Agency.

We do marketing ops and only marketing ops.

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