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“My website isn’t generating any leads.”

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Every successful business needs inbound leads to fuel growth. 

You’re here because you want to know how to increase the number of leads your website generates for your business.

You may have a website that's been online for a few years, built by a web designer, probably in WordPress. You’ve tried SEO but have been underwhelmed by the results. You may have tried content marketing by posting blogs or company news but this seems to make little difference. 

Sound familiar?

What you should be seeing is your marketing team feeding pre-qualified new business enquiries into the sales department. Then when you’ve secured new clients your service or account management team should be supporting further growth by going the extra distance with your existing customers. Your delighted customers then spread the word about your amazing business to people who come and find you online.

This is the flywheel model of inbound sales. A virtuous circle of Marketing, Sales and Service teams combining, to attract, engage and delight customers. In short: it’s what’s happening when your website works for you.

If your website is under-performing and not delivering the kind of leads that help to drive growth the flywheel grinds to a halt before it has even started spinning. Sales reps start to resort to outdated sales tactics like mass emailing, cold calling and other interruptive tactics that serve only to frustrate.


So, how do you get your website generating leads?

The reason that website lead generation is so difficult is that the customer buyer journey has changed. Buyers search for a solution to a problem long before they find your company. This puts the modern buyer in control and holding all the power in the sale. They know how much what you sell costs, where else they can get it from and who makes the best flavour.

It’s our job as marketers to earn their trust and attention. They owe us nothing. The pressure is on us to show them that we’re worth engaging with. 

The earlier in the buyer journey we can connect and build trust, the more likely they are to seek us out when they are ready to engage with a solution. Marketing and sales need to work together to develop lead generation strategies that nurture prospects along their buyer journey. Buyers want a personalised experience and we need to offer it to them. This is the basis for inbound sales.

Become a trusted advisor that offers helpful solutions early on in the buying process. Be there ready to serve the customer when they are ready to buy. Remember that we are working on their timeline.

Using the inbound methodology of attracting visitors, engaging leads and delighting customers is the most sustainable way of generating website leads.

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Why doesn't your website convert visitors to leads?

The problem with most websites is that they are not designed to attract or convert (or delight). They’re outdated. The methodology we outline here wasn’t even considered when the website was built.

Let’s circle back to the buyer journey for a moment. Outdated websites have no opportunity to personalise the buying experience. They are passive and add little value to a prospect that is searching for a solution to a specific problem.

Do you want it, or not?

Without a system to capture attention and earn trust, it is almost impossible to nurture a prospect along a buyer journey. Your website has been rendered a one hit wonder, asking visitors ‘do you want it, or not?’ Most of your potential buyers seem to be saying: ‘not’.

Your marketing team may be using some tools to try to fix the current situation, but they are probably disconnected, time consuming and ineffective. Website conversion can’t be measured or improved. Luckily there is a solution to this problem.


The Solution.

We believe that agile, growth-driven marketing is the most effective and sustainable way for companies to increase lead generation because the focus is on providing value to the customer at all times. These growth strategies will help to increase the number of leads from your website.


Inbound Marketing

Use a fully developed content strategy to attract visitors to your website and nurture them until they are ready to buy. A marketing platform such as HubSpot provides all the tools needed for successful inbound marketing.


Growth-driven Design

Continuous improvement to website design based on real user data to improve performance over time. It's a more productive method of running a website. Regular improvement focused on high-impact areas will increase conversion ratio.


Conversational Marketing

Move buyers through conversational sales funnels by offering advice and building a relationship that is personalised. Conversational Marketing leads to higher on-site conversion and more engaged prospects.


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