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What is HubSpot?

HubSpot CMS is for businesses who want to build a better website that uses HubSpot to attract and convert more leads.

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What’s does HubSpot CMS include?

HubSpot CMS takes care of all the maintenance that you normally associate with a traditional CMS, meaning smaller marketing teams can focus on building amazing customer experiences.

It also includes full unlimited access to the HubSpot CRM Platform.

  • Premium hosting

  • Secure SSL certificate

  • Website themes

  • Drag-and-drop editor

  • Data Capture Forms

  • Conversion Optimised Landing Pages

  • Reporting Dashboard

The Four Tiers of Hubspot CMS

Hubspot recently released a free version of its CMS. Now there are four editions available: Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. CMS Hub Free is $0/month, Starter is $25/month, Professional is $400/month, and CMS Hub Enterprise is $1,200/month. If you purchase the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, or Service Hub, you can purchase Hubspot CMS at the same time.

Is Hubspot CMS Worth the Price?

In short, yes. Hubspot CMS can save you time and money in the long term with its flexibility, compatibility for collaboration, secure framework, and high-quality customer service. Partners, team members, and contractors can build out pages, add content, and add design elements to your site without hassle or clunky user interfaces causing delays. We’ve laid out a list of reasons why Hubspot CMS is absolutely worth the cost.

Highly Customizable

The most basic Hubspot CMS provides you with six different themes to choose from, giving you a leg-up on cohesive, attractive design without having to fuss too much over fonts, colors, or placements. This puts the marketer in the driver’s seat. Users also have the option to start from scratch and build their own theme or use additional paid templates, similar to a Squarespace or WordPress model. For more advanced users, it is possible to build a custom CMS with Hubspot and leverage all of the innovation and complexity the Hubspot CMS has to offer.

CRM and CMS in One Seamless Integration

When you use Hubspot’s CMS, the HubSpot Free CRM is also available to you, and you can use them both in one integrated platform. You can track and analyze how your users engage with your site, incorporating that data into your marketing and content strategies.

Secure, Reliable Hosting

Hubspot uses a safe and secure hosting platform for its CMS. It comes with 24/7 security monitoring, user permission flexibility, and highly customizable security settings. What’s great about Hubspot is it gives you the power and energy to focus on your customers, knowing your site is safe and secure in the hands of the Hubspot team. And yes, hosting is included in the price of each tier, including the free level.

Flexibility and Scalability for Any Size Company

Hubspot can be used for small businesses, midsize companies, or global institutions. It is incredibly flexible and can adapt to fit a wide range of needs for any company. HubDB, their database feature, is particularly adaptable. Even if you already use a complex database, there are ways to easily integrate HubDB with your existing software. The Hubspot CMS grows with your business and absorbs the pain points of scaling so that you don’t have to add concerns to your to-do list as you gain customers, income, and assets.

Updates and Maintenance are Part of the Deal

Hubspot is always working to improve its platform, and these updates and enhancements will be automatically incorporated into your site. No long waits on the phone with IT or scrambling for a developer’s expertise. All of your maintenance and updates are smooth and routine.

Hubspot Free Features

  • Premium cloud hosting
  • Themes – prebuilt or custom
  • Drag & drop editing
  • Landing pages
  • Blogging (Includes: 1 blog, 100 blog posts, 20 authors, 50 tags)
  • Website pages - Limit of 25
  • Multi-language content
  • Full CRM integration
  • Hubspot Email Marketing
  • Hubspot Meetings
  • Live chat

Hubspot Hub Starter Features

In addition to all of the features included with the Hubspot Free tier, you get a limit of 50 web pages rather than 25 and unlimited blogging capabilities.

Hubspot Hub Professional Features

  • Chatbot builder
  • Branded email
  • Ad management
  • Website traffic reports
  • Global content delivery network (CDN) handles high levels of traffic to your site
  • 24/7 security & threat monitoring
  • 24/7 support team
  • Blog & content creation tools and management
  • Google Accelerated Mobile Pages make blog posts mobile-friendly
  • Standard SSL
  • Page performance reporting
  • Landing pages drag-and-drop editing
  • Password-protected pages
  • Add pop-up, embedded, and collected forms
  • Build personalized call-to-action buttons
  • Website page creation and management tools
  • Design manager
  • Local website development
  • Developer documentation and community
  • Marketplace + Marketplace Assets
  • Advanced menus (Navigation)
  • Host and manage video files inside the CMS Hub
  • A/B Testing
  • Content strategy
  • SEO recommendations
  • Multi-language content management

Hubspot Hub Enterprise Features

  • Membership-based content
  • Multiple brand domains
  • Content partitioning
  • Reverse proxy support
  • Custom CDN configuration
  • Site performance reporting (& API)
  • Audit logging
  • Dynamic page testing
  • Serverless functions (via Lambda Support)
  • CMS memberships with SSO
  • Code alerts

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