Rebuilding the proSapient website with Sprocket Rocket Pro

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Client Overview

Founded in 2017, proSapient’s mission has always been to innovate the expert networking space. Our team combines industry knowledge with advanced search AI to source the best people for client projects. proSapient has grown at an exponential rate, expanding our teams on a monthly basis and opening new offices around the world.

What was the challenge or opportunity faced by proSapient?

“We wanted to redesign our website to mirror our evolution as a company and brand. We have grown beyond startup status and our range of products and services has expanded to the point that our previous website was no longer reflective of our true offerings as a company.”

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“We had a poor UX in terms of our sitemap and the information was no longer up to date. By rethinking our mission statement (our Why? statement), we felt redesigning our website and marketing strategy would help bring proSapient into a new chapter.”

“Compared to other companies, Hub Masters was significantly more engaged with us from the beginning. They seemed to truly care about the project at hand and treated us as a true partner rather than just a new potential revenue stream.“


Why did proSapient choose Hub Masters?

“From the outset, we felt that Hub Masters understood exactly what we were trying to achieve and was very much up for a challenge.

After some cursory research, Hub Masters seemed to be a strong candidate with an impressive track record. Their site was easy to navigate and they seemed to have all the necessary capabilities to help us with this project.”

Compared to other companies, Hub Masters was significantly more engaged with us from the beginning. They seemed to truly care about the project at hand and treated us as a true partner rather than just a new potential revenue stream.

The Hub Masters team have been highly responsive, and highly flexible with our changing needs and schedules which has helped us immensely.”

“They have been incredibly friendly whilst maintaining an impressive level of professionalism that has left us feeling supported and empowered.”

What happened once Hub Masters started working with you?

“Our initial calls felt engaging and efficient. We were able to brief the Hub Masters team with a great level of detail and the team provided immediate honest feedback on what areas might need additional or custom work, and where our sitemap could be improved.”

"They provided us with a realistic timeline and were more than happy to conduct regular and ad hoc check-in calls. From the first call we felt we had found a great partner - we felt completely reassured that with Hub Masters' help we would be able to deliver a successful project by the project deadline.”

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The solution and process

“The solution involved using a combination of Sprocket Rocket and custom code to help build our new website using Hubspot CMS. 

Hub Masters have made this whole process feel easy for us by keeping communication 100% transparent and by being honest with timelines for completed work.”

“They haven’t shied away from telling us the features that may affect our load times or SEO scores. Twice a week scheduled check-in calls have meant that we have been totally aligned throughout the entire process, and their open communication with our external design team has been highly supportive and professional.”

The finished product

Hub Masters have brought our website designs to life. The site looks fantastic and functions incredibly well, with smooth animations and very short load times.

When last minute changes needed to be made, Hub Masters were always incredibly fast and efficient in accommodating these changes. We couldn’t be happier with the end result!

Home page built using Sprocket Rocket modules with minimal CSS customisation to adapt layout.

Smooth animations communicate the story behind a sometimes complex technology solution.

Clean layouts with well crafted typography provide a memorable UX.

We have had an exceptional experience working with Hub Masters and would highly recommend partnering with them for your upcoming projects.

Daniel Green, Client Success Manager, proSapient.