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Instructional Solutions noticed Core Web Vitals were slow and ranking had dropped. We solved this problem by rebuilding their 91 page HubSpot website with Sprocket Rocket within 3 weeks!


Instructional Solutions is a leading business writing training company that has enabled thousands of individuals and leading companies to work better by writing better. They’ve supported large groups at DuPont, USAA, the US Army, FedEx, and many other leading organizations since 1998.

They offer a full menu of existing and customized business writing courses that can be delivered as instructor-led training onsite and virtually, and also as self-paced courses that include instructor feedback and coaching.

The challenge

Since the launch of the previous website the company has expanded its offerings and grown significantly in the past several years. The current site had been updated many times but was based on old code that had become difficult to update. 

They wanted to meet current Google core web vitals standards and have the ability to continually iterate the website. 

GTmetrix Grade A


Lighthouse Performance Score


Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)


Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Why Instructional Solutions chose Hub Masters

“Since communication and information flow is our business, we absolutely wanted to work directly with the developers creating the site. We learned about the flexibility of Sprocket Rocket and looked for a developer who worked with Sprocket Rocket and found HubMasters.

Phill understood our goals and our timelines and the need for clear and precise communication.”

The solution and process

We worked with the client to identify the high-impact pages that needed a conceptual and visual redesign. We built out those pages using Sprocket Rocket modules, and within two or three iterations that took only a few days, they were done. This meant that the client could begin updating the content very quickly.

Alongside this, we re-created existing page layouts in Sprocket Rocket and passed them to the client to populate. There were 90+ pages and all tasks were completed on time and efficiently. 

Inevitably, in a project of this scope, issues were discovered on the old site that needed updating. “Hub Masters were very helpful in resolving these odd issues.”

We met all deadlines and defined goals. It was a major project for our client as they populated and rewrote a lot of site content and optimised outdated Meta Tags and images.

Our workflow meant that collaboration worked well with sections of the site being created daily in the HubSpot CMS staging area. Everything was perfectly executed and our client understood what was needed to complete each task.

The results

The site went live first week October 2021 and traffic is steady. Web vitals have improved nicely for desktop and are better for mobile but we know exactly how to improve mobile functionality. 

The client now has a clean, easy to iterate website that is ready for their planned marketing campaigns.

What changed in the visual design?


HubSpot templated layouts

The old site was created with a HubSpot template and lacked modern, cutting edge performance.


Sprocket Rocket Pro

We rebuilt the site using Sprocket Rocket Pro which improved the user experience and overall site optimisation.