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What are the benefits of marketing operations technology?

Marketing operations describes anything in a business that supports and underpins the marketing department, enabling marketing to run smoothly and efficiently and get on with the job at hand.

Marketing operations can include people, processes and technology, all designed to help marketing generate more leads for your business.

So, when it comes to the technology side of things, why would you use marketing operations tech? What can it bring to your business? What impact will you see? And… what is it again?!

What is marketing operations technology?

Think of marketing operations tech (martech) as the oil in your car. It doesn’t make your car go, but your car certainly can’t go without it. It makes everything run more smoothly, reducing friction and getting you to where you need to go.

Your reports solution or software is a good example. You could generate leads without accurate, easy-to-understand reports. But knowing exactly what your marketing is achieving and making changes based on that information is going to make things a hell of a lot easier.

Your email marketing solution probably isn’t marketing operations tech - that’s more for pure, creative marketers to engage with - but the things around your email marketing tech fall into the category of marketing ops tech; you can’t send great emails without great data, a slick design that’s easy for marketing users to create new emails from and accurate reporting that shows them what to do next.

Marketing operations technology is anything that makes your marketing life easier, smoother and faster; the oil in your engine.

How will using marketing operations tech help me and my business?


Another key way to think about marketing operations tech is that it gives simple answers to complex questions. The aim is to make your life as a marketer easier, to give you focus on key tasks and information. Your martech should enable you to produce and send any campaign you need to, with minimum effort; no more hunting for data, templates and designs; no more trying to understand and use disconnected systems.

Clarity and process

Your tech should make things more clear, not less so. But too many marketers find themselves wrapped up in a jumble of systems. Whenever they log in, nothing is quite the same as before. No single campaign ever progresses the right way; there’s always hang-ups and issues. Marketing operations tech smooths this out, providing clarity on what needs to happen next.

Right people doing the right things

Marketers aren’t necessarily always the best people to put in front of expensive and complex software. A lot of marketers are creatives at heart, for example, great at coming up with ideas both big and small, but less good at minute project management. By deploying your tech in the right way for the right people, you’ll make best use of what the tech can bring to you and best use of your people.

A connected ecosystem of complementary tools

If only your CRM would talk to your email marketing system, or your SEO analysis tool directly to your website, or all four to each other!. This though is a marketing ops problem; marketing should be focused on how to get more leads! Marketing ops tech comes from the point of view that everything should be connected and complementary, so your marketers spend as little time as possible trying to make system A speak the language of system B or (more commonly) using spreadsheets to fill in the gaps.

Less friction

With less friction, things move faster (that’s what oil is all about). Less friction in an organisation means it moves faster, progressing campaigns, leads, sales and new customer levels at a rate not seen before. Marketing ops tech is fantastic at reducing those little points of friction, which end up costing hours.

Our main marketing operations tech of choice is HubSpot.

HubSpot combines technology that marketers use with technology better suited to marketing operations.

Your marketing operations team are best suited to setting up HubSpot so that it works perfectly, tweaking and fine-tuning every little detail. Your marketing people can then put their creative nous to work more readily and just press ‘go’, whenever they’re ready to get something out there.

The reason HubSpot works so well as marketing operations tech is because it is a business platform, rather than a singular piece of software, designed to only do one thing. This is why users across Marketing, Sales and Customer Service use HubSpot so successfully… it makes complicated processes effortlessly simple.

As a platform, HubSpot is also set up to integrate with your other pieces of software, overcoming one of the key challenges to marketing departments worldwide. Marketing operations can help you to integrate your marketing tech into Slack, Google Drive, your proposal software, your phone and any other business tool.

Everything works as it should; everything works with everything else. You save time, simplify your efforts and grow faster.

Marketing ops in nutshell.

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