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Mar 02, 2022 Phill Burrows

How to Create Marketing Email Templates in Hubspot

Hey Marketers! If you’re sending out emails as part of your inbound marketing strategy, you may want to take a look at the email tool within HubSpot Marketing Hub.

The HubSpot interface is a seriously user-friendly way to design your emails. The built-in HubSpot CRM tools give that added touch of personalisation for each of your subscribers, and the drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor is effortless.

Personalised inbound experiences are one of the best things about working with a CRM-powered marketing platform like HubSpot.

So I’ve written this post for you, as I have been working on email templates recently, and thought it would be helpful to share.

You may already have HubSpot, or you may be thinking about upgrading your marketing to HubSpot. Either way, I hope this post is helpful.

You can contact me here if you’d like any guidance on your email marketing strategy.

So keep reading and follow these simple steps to create your marketing email template in Hubspot.

1. How to create an email in HubSpot CRM

The first thing you’ll need to do is log into your Hubspot portal and look for the email tool within Marketing Hub: Marketing > Email.

Once there, locate and click on the orange Create email box in the upper right corner of your screen.

HubSpot will offer you five different templates options (or more if you have the premium versions of Hubspot):

  • Welcome
  • Simple
  • Promotion
  • Plain email
  • Newsletter

Each template layout is designed for a different purpose so select the option that is most closely aligned to your campaign.

Click which type of template you would like to create. In this example, we’re using Promotion.

You can now edit the layout and content of the email.

You’ll notice two tabs in the left-hand editor panel: Content and Design.

Content is opened by default, and you will see the following drag and drop boxes:

  • Image
  • Text
  • Button
  • Divider
  • Social
  • Video

2. How to edit the layout and content of your email in HubSpot

Select any element you wish to add to your template by dragging and dropping it into the email editor on the right.

Once it is in the editor, you can click on it to modify the content using the edit icon. You can also duplicate a section by clicking on the clone icon or delete the component by selecting the trash icon.

You can customise the design of each element by clicking on the Design tab at the top of the left side panel.

From the drop-down menu, you can change details such as:

  • Font size, colour, and style
  • The background colour and pattern
  • Borders
  • Spacing

3. How to add your company logo to a HubSpot marketing email template

change company logo in hubspot email template

Click on the placeholder “Company logo” to add your company logo. Select replace at the top of the left pane and upload your business’s custom logo.

A pop-up box will appear.

Depending on where your logo is saved, you can either drag and drop a file, or navigate to Add Image > Upload files or Add Image > From a URL.

4. How to personalise HubSpot emails using your CRM

To add that personalised touch to your email, you’ll need to add a personalisation token within your email text. Click on the text box in the email editor to activate the editor.

In the formatting bar at the top, click on Personalise.

A pop-up box will appear.

Click the Type drop-down menu, and then select which record the token will come from:

  • Primary Company
  • Contact
  • Office Location
  • Subscription Type

You will see a list of values below which you can use to personalise your email. Select which property value to add to the text of your email.

Enter a default value for any contacts in your CRM who do not have a value stored for that property.

Click Insert to add the token to your text.

5. Saving your HubSpot marketing email as a template

If you wish to save the email template for use in the future, navigate to the Actions > Save email as a template at the top right of the screen.

Please note: This feature is only available if you have the professional version of Hubspot

6. How to change HubSpot marketing email settings

To change the email settings such as ‘name,’ ‘from address,’ ‘subject line,’ and ‘preview text,’ click on Settings in the top toolbar.

You can add personalisation tokens to these elements too if you wish.

7. How to send your HubSpot marketing email

Once you’ve completed the email, navigate Send or schedule in the top toolbar. Select your list of recipients.

On the right, choose email now or schedule later to send at a different date and time.

That’s it! It’s super easy. Your email is on its way.

Remember, if you’d like to ask me anything about your email marketing, or upgrading your company CRM to HubSpot, reach out to me here.


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Published by Phill Burrows March 2, 2022
Phill Burrows